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A Ragnarok Tale?

Sorry if this is a silly question. I haven't played RO2 or visited any forums for a long time, so I'm kind of out of the loop. Today I just noticed that A Ragnarok Tale is dead. Does anyone know what happened to it and if the community has moved elsewhere?

ETA: Okay, so I don't know the details, but it looks like the administration of ART got into a big fight and the domain was sold for $750. However, some members from the old ART have gotten together and reopened the forum. And apparently Gravity keeps delaying the release of RO2? Now why doesn't that surprise me...

RO2 Updates

I usually check the RO2 site and while I can't read korean, translating from Korean > Japanese actually works pretty well. So on to the updates...

They are rescheduling maintenance from Wednesday to Tuesday which means tonight from 8PM ~ 11PM EST there will be a maintenance.


-Monster will drop up to 4 items when they die (I dunno if this is a good thing or a bad thing?)
-The drops will be adjusted based on how rare an item is (maybe this means we'll get rare items more a lot more often than before??)
-They are putting in a "premium PC coffee shop"...whatever that means
-Monica, Tristan & the likes are all getting moved back to their original location (NOOO!!!!)
-Some kind of green colored rare item will no longer be sold in stores? (No idea what this is referring to.)
-The animation length when performing a skill being a little too long, will be corrected. (This could be what causes lag so thats a good thing)
-Something about a lot of items being sold to an npc, screws it up or something, and they will fix it, (no idea what this is either.)

Well other than drops, animation & NPCs I don't really get the other updates but seems like they will be making a somewhat difference in our gameplay.

I just hope they also fix the party bug from last night.
I just want to note that I had to disable anonymous non-member comments because people kept leaving comments like "Where do I download the game?" and etc. I'd rather you direct those types of questions to the many RO2 forums out there. Most likely you will not even have to ask because the answers have been posted many times.

No real important news to report lately. Things are seemly to move along steadily with kRO2, but no word about iRO2 as of yet. There's going to be some maintenance in kRO2 and also an experience boost to compensate the frequent small rollbacks that were experienced recently. Here's a rough translation of the announcement.

Hello this is the ragnarok online 2 maintenance team.

We appologize for the instability of the server which made it really inconvenient to play the last couple of days.

We have a plan to make up for the inconvenience to satisfy our customers. So we made a decision to do an even to make up for it.

We will have an experience boost event so we will be doing server maintenance on 7/27.

For time and date please see below.

July 27 09:00 ~ 10:00

To compensate for the rollback between the 25th and 26th of July, we will be having an increased EXP event during the following time:

Friday 10AM - Monday 10AM

You will get 1.5x for character experience and 2x for weapon.

The NPC "Will" will now also be visible in Cognito.

We make our best efforts to improve Ragnarok Online 2. Please check back for more updates.

Thank you very much.

Translation taken from here.

That's all I have to report for now.



Jul. 16th, 2007

I'm just wondering if anyone here would know how to solve this problem I am having.

When I launch the game, log in, choose my server, create a character, and then log into a channel, every time I get to the loading screen the game stops working.

The loading screen flickers and I can see some of the game but not all of it. I can't play. And I have to turn of my computer by hand.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I have an ATI Radeon 9250, 512 MB of RAM, 2.41 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 Processor <---- Maybe this is the problem, huh?

Massive Update

I'm sure most of you already know this. I kept forgetting to post about it, but yes there was a massive update that changed a lot of things. There are still bugs, but many of the things like stats/skills were fixed/changed or they're in the process of being fixed. I'm glad that Gravity has started to make the changes. It has been awhile since there was a real update. Hopefully they won't take too long in making the rest of the necessary changes so more players can enjoy RO2 to it's fullest.

Anyway I have the giant list of changes under the cut.

kRO2 Patch 7/11/07Collapse )

There are most likely more changes since this large update, but I haven't been able to keep good tabs on the news and such. If you want more detailed information I recommend you visit the many fan forums and whatnot.



Pre/Test Server

So the rumors of a pre/test server for kRO2 OB was true. The client is up and the server is running. Here are a few download links.

kRO2 Pre/Test Server Downloads

Torrent (Setup) - Credits: RO2Trans
10 Part Rar (Installed) - Rar Password: ragnarok-online-2.de - Credits: ragnarok-online-2.de
Megaupload 3 Part Rar*
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Installed) - Credits: Kurasuki (ART Forums)

*For this one you need HJ Split to combine the parts.

Test Server Updates Info

1) Enchant Poison or whatever is now a Thief skill
2) Defense still doesn't seem to work
3) NPCs sell armor with +Str and +Other stats ( they're in green )
4) Stats currently don't work ( Str doesn't give HP but then again I kept my HP from when I Job Changed ).
6) HP regeneration has been fixed! You don't recover fully in 10 seconds =D! ( and this means sitting is extremely helpful now =D )
5) An no EXP is being distributed from monsters ( except for the random times were you might see 33CXP and JXP )
6) You get as much Zeny as your lvl ( I'm 13 so I got 13z )
7) All skills are at 100%
8) Weapons are same lvl
9) Tool Shop ONLY sells dyes and dye remover
10) Enchant Poison seems to like to do 14 damage on random attacks

--XxBunnyBoyxX (ART Forums)

Regarding the English Patch

You are going to have to do a few things different...

Some of the file structures are different and we are working on getting it fully supported but in the mean time we have put a folder called "TestClientOnly" inside the patch...



1: Install ONLY the files in data/language/kor/dat/ folder from the public patch.

2: Inside your RagII root folder navagate to data/language/kor/dat/testclientonly/.

3: copy these files over the files in data/language/kor/dat/.

4: It looks like to me grav screwed up the fonts making the korean characters ingame unreadable ill be adding a fix for that soon but if you want you can find the fonts folder in your data directory for the test client and replace those with the fonts from the regular server...

--moon47usaco (RO2Trans Team)

I haven't had the chance to try out this server yet. I will tonight after I get it installed. Glad to see they are working on something although I think it would've been better if they had just updated the beta instead of making another test server. Well it's a step forward in any case. Kudos Gravity!




Hello all!

I apologize for the lack of updates. It's not that I'm not still playing RO2 (because I am) it's just Gravity hasn't really done anything lately. There is a big rumor of a really big update coming soon though. Unfortunately there isn't really a source on this information. Honestly, a giant update is exactly what they need since they still have the problems with the stats and skills. I'm hoping this rumor is true and it'll come soon.

One thing is postive though, they're doing some sort of massive update on the website and that may or may not be related to a big update yet to come. A rather small 1 hour update was done to the game, which seemed to help in server stability and a few other minor problems.

There has also been talk about a test server, but I'm not sure about this myself. I read about it in the forums and it seems there is some sort of download for a client on the main site, but the news is from the 20th so I'm not sure.

In any case I'll be sure to note of any news on any big updates. I know of a lot who have stopped playing due to the problems with the skills/stats and it's understandable. Hopefully after those things are fixed people will rethink their opinion about the game (for the better lol).


English Patch v1.09

Yet another update to the English patch is out. I believe it fixes some errors with the prices and whatnot. Dumbie also made a new site. You can get it here,

RO2 Trans

There are also some helpful threads on the ART Forums,

Quest Help Thread
Korean->English Mob Translations
Common Quest Guides

There are other useful threads but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

That's all.


Patcher Update

It seems there was an update to the patcher and now when you get a Patch Error the patcher will automatically close after pressing "OK" so this is large problem for those with the English patch. If you did not back up your data folder here's mine,

RO2 OB data folder (as of 5/31)

I'm not exactly sure if it'll work but it's worth a try. You can also go into the data folder and delete the files that you put in from the English patch and the patcher will redownload them when you run it. Or it should anyway. I'll post any updates about possible changes or fixes for the English patch.


English Patch Update

To those using the English patch for OB, version 1.07 just came out!

OB English Patch v1.07 (by Dumbie)

If you already have the English patch in your client than just feel free to overwrite that one with this one but if you don't I'd recommend you wait till maintenance is over so you can patch (if there are new patches) then put the English patch in.

I say that because if you already have the English patch in than you'll get the Patch Error and have to repatch and put in the new English patch anyway. I'm not sure if this new patch will fix that problem though.